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Words Plus Music

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About the Song

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This is the debut Words + Music video.  It took me about a year to make this, mostly because I was scared about doing something new and putting it out on the oh-so-scary internet.

The first time I heard this remix, it took me somewhere else.  The song feels as large as it does small and is as epic as it is haunting.

Notes about Earth’s extinction events and the clips in the video can be found below the Artist information.


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The Musician

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Jamie xx

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The xx – Reconsider
(Jamie xx Edit)

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Jamie xx – In Colour

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Estimating the number of species that have ever existed on Earth is difficult, but I went with the even number of 4 billion, as determined by experts:

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As far as the number of species that exist today, that is also a tricky number to determine. Many estimate 8.7 million (where can i buy antabuse in south africa)

The “asteroid” shown in the beginning is actually Hyperion, one of Saturn’s moon (which is 1.2 billion km from Earth). The images were captured by the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft (buy antabuse online cheap) and you can explore thousands of images taken by the spacecraft.

The video of the sun is courtesy of cheap antabuse online

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